Q&As (Updated on Apr. 14, 2021)

Due to the postponement of ICME-14 and the change of venue, a number of issues related to ICME-14 are being adjusted. Please pay close attention to the updating information on the official website.


I. On new date and venue

Q1: Can you tell the new dates and new venue for postponed ICME-14?

A: Affected by COVID-19, ICME-14 was postponed to July 11th—18th, 2021. The new venue is Putuo Campus of East China Normal University, Shanghai. More information about the new venue can be found in the “Congress Venue” section.


II. On registration

Q1: I have registered. Is my registration valid for the postponed conference?  

A: For participants who have already registered, the registration will continue to be valid.

Q2: I have not registered. Can I do online registration right now?

A: Yes. For participants who have not registered can register normally now. The online registration system will remain open until June 30th, 2021. There is no change in registration process.

Q3: I could not register with my e-mail address (or the system prompt shows that the e-mail address has been used for registration). What is the problem?

A: Perhaps you have registered with this email address. Try to log in by inputting password or click “forget password” button. Another possibility is that your e-mail address has been registered as an alternate of others. If so, you had better register with another address

Q4: I could not receive my verification code through e-mail or the verification code is invalid. How can I deal with this?

A: Please check the spam box and note that the verification code is valid within 30 minutes.

Q5: I have other problems with my registration system. How can I get an IT support.

A: Please screenshot your problem and sent it to reg@icme14.org. Our staff will reply you within three working days.

Q6: Can a new participant or an accompany person register on-spot?

A: No, sorry. We will not accept new registration for participants or accompany person(s) on-spot.


III. On Payment

Q1: Is any change of time nodes related to payment due to postponement?

A: Yes. The following is a new scheme for registration fee:

·      Fully paid before (inclusive) March 31st, 2021, RMB 3 500;

·      Fully paid between April 1st and May 31st, 2021, RMB 3 800;

·      Paid on and after June 1st, 2021, RMB 4 000;

·      Accompanying person's registration, any time, RMB 1 000.

·      Online attendance, any time, RMB 2000

Q2: Is any change of the benefits for participants and accompanying persons?

A: No. All the benefits remain the same. That is:

 The benefits for registered and fully paid participants:

·      Free Program Brochure;

·      Admission to scientific program activities (excluding Early Career Researcher Day);

·      Admission to social activities like Chinese Art and Cultural Performance.

·      Shanghai public transportation card with RMB 100 prefilled;

·      Excursion on Friday, July 16th, 2021.

 The benefits for an accompany person:

·      Admission to social activities like Chinese Art and Cultural Performance;

·      Shanghai public transportation card with RMB 100 prefilled;

·      Excursion on Friday, July 16th, 2021.

Q3: How to make a payment? What’s the procedure of making a payment?

A: Since payment can be made only once, please make sure that you have included everything you need (excursion, accompanying person, ECRD) before making the payment. Once you are done, please click “Payment” on the registration page and enter the payment page. Choose the mode of attendance on the bottom-right corner (online or physical attendance). After that, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Q4: What credit cards are acceptable by ICME-14 registration system? There are any other ways to pay the registration fee?

A: Credit cards with VISA, Master, JCB or UnionPay marks are acceptable. You can also pay by bank transfer, or by WeChat Payment, Alipay, or UnionPay debit cards. Checks are not acceptable.

Q5: Can you sketch the procedure of payment by credit card?

A: The general procedure is as follows:

1. Click the payment link on website and then turn to the payment page;

2. Choose your card type (VISA, Master, or JCB, for example) on the payment page, and then link to the relevant bank;

3. Input the card information on the payment page of the credit card company or that of the agent bank (for example, China Construction Bank, CCB, for Master Card);

4. Confirm your input information and submit the application.

Q6: There are many reasons that may cause the failure of credit card payment. How should I deal with them?

A: The common reasons for credit card payment failure are as follows:

·      The cardholder hasn’t activated the 3D verification service;

·      The payer has forgotten his “3D Secure” or “Verified by Visa” password;

·      The monthly limit of the credit card is exceeded;

·      The credit card is not authorized for online payments;

·      The client is not in his home city or country, or the card is not authorized for payment in foreign currencies;

·      The servers of the payer’s bank or an intermediary banking system are under maintenance.

·      The card has been blocked by the bank or credit card company.

If you encounter the problems above, please contact your bank or credit card company. 

If you are sure that your payment failure is not caused about above reasons, please contact service@icme14.org.

Q7: How should I do for a payment by bank transfer?

A: Your bank may require a payment invoice to support your transfer. Please send e-mail to service@icme14.org to get the invoice. Also, in order to check your transfer from our site, after transferring, please send payment slip together with the registration number and name of each participant to service@icme14.org. Note that all service charges shall be borne by participants. Bank transfer from personal account overseas (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) is not accepted.

Q8: Do you have any restrictions for payment on-spot?

A: In fact, there is no essential restriction. Cash (only RMB), WeChat Pay and Alipay will be accepted to do on-spot payment. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay) are also welcome. But we strongly recommend you to pay with cash, WeChat Payment, or Alipay, since they are safe and fast options.

Q9: How can I get my payment invoice?

A: If you pay online or through bank transfer, please download the invoice on the dashboard page of your registration systemIf you choose fapiao, it will be available on the day of registration on-site. 

Q10: When and how to get the refund?

A: All the refund will be processed after the congress, and will be transferred back to the account that was used for payment.

If you have any question about payment, please contact service@icme14.org.

Q11: For local participants, it is better to have a guide file for payment in Chinese. Can you do that?

A: Yes. Here you are.










·      在网站选择银联支付;

·      选择您要付款的银行,然后点击登记银联支付按钮,跳转到相关银行银联支付页面;

·      在银联页面上,输入相关银行卡信息点击确定按钮进行付款。

·      银联支付是否收取手续费由发卡行自行决定,请咨询相关发卡行。

·      银联支付的常见问题有:

·      银行卡状态异常,银行卡余额不足或者支付金额超过了银行对您银联支付的限额(拨打银行客服热线查询)

·      网络异常,页面打开慢或者打不开(换网络环境再试)

·      未开通网上银行(到银行柜面开通,部分公务卡无法开通网银)

·      浏览器问题:是否确认关闭了上网助手及拦截软件,关闭IE浏览器弹出窗口阻止程序;IE浏览器中Internet选项安全级别是否设置为默认级别;建议清除一下IE浏览器cookie及临时文件。建议使用火狐和谷歌浏览器。

·      在付款高峰期,可能会出现付款页面延迟,请稍后重试。







IV.   On Attendance Mode

Q1: How to turn from physical attendance to online attendance?

A: Please re-select your attendance mode under the “Payment” section on your registration page. The local organizers will then have a record on your change. After the congress, we will refund the price difference based on this record.

Q2: How would a hybrid mode look like?

A: Every classroom on-site will be equipped with a ZOOM account. To better understand the hybrid mode, you can imagine each classroom on-site as an independent Zoom account. All presenters who give speech on-site will use this ZOOM account to broadcast the speech to the online participants in a specific ZOOM conference room, and all online activities will be displayed on screen in each physical classroom through this ZOOM account. Participants in person in Shanghai can freely transfer among these on-site classrooms to choose the meeting they want to watch/attend. 


V.   On Application Status

Q1: How can I confirm my paper application status online?

A: The deadline for paper reviewing is April 30th, 2021. It is possible that your poster or paper has not been accepted yet. If you are in a hurry to know the results, please contact the Chair of your TSG. You may find the contact information on the official website (www.icme14.org)under Scientific Programs -- Topic Study Groups. If your poster or paper has been reviewed, there will be a mail to tell you if your work has been accepted or not. Please check your e-mail again.


VI.   On Posters

Q1: If I can only attend online, how to share my poster with the audience?

A: Please send the final poster in PDF format to the mail (poster@icme14.org) before May 15th, 2021. File name must be TSG XX (group number) author name. Your poster will be displayed on the web page in a special area set for posters so that online participants will be able to view and communicate.  


VII.   On Visa Applications

Q1: How to make visa applications? Is there any restriction on visa applications?

A: As for visa applications, please pay attention and stay updated to the latest announcement from the local Chinese Embassy. The formal invitation letter will soon be available for downloading on the registration page. Please download as per your need.