Thematic Afternoon (TA)

This is an afternoon (on July 15th) left for the Local Organizing Committee to design activities showing Mathematics Education in China.

(The following information updated on July 6, 2021)

TA1. Demonstration and Discussion of a Plane Geometry Lesson: Teaching “Determination and Properties of Parallel Lines” as a Whole

TA1 Description.pdf

TA2. The Making of A 3-D Mathematic Adaptive Learning System

TA2 Description.pdf

TA3. Domesticating Practice of Primary Mathematics Education in China

TA3 Description.pdf 

TA4. 12-Year Integrated Mathematics Textbook of Bnup: Promoting Well-Rounded Student Development 

TA4 Description.pdf

TA5. From “Telling” to “Showing”: A Zhejiang Mathematics Professional Development Model for Novice Teachers’ Learning from Master Teachers 

TA5 Description.pdf

TA6. Reform and Development of Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching for Ethnic Minorities in China 

TA6 Description.pdf

TA7. The Chinese Characteristics of Normal Students Training on Primary School Mathematics

 TA7 Description.pdf

TA8. Mathematics Experiment: A Transformation of Mathematics Learning in Chinese Primary and Middle Schools

 TA8 Description.pdf

TA9. The Practice of Teaching Improvement from "Comprehending" to "Exploring"

TA9 Description.pdf

TA10.  How is the Nature of ‘Teaching and Learning Mathematics’ Changed During the Pandemic in Shanghai? 

 TA10 Description.pdf

TA11. Chinese Mathematics Curriculum, Teaching and College Entrance Examination 

TA11 Description.pdf

TA12. Mathematical Modeling inside and outside Classrooms

TA12 Desciption.pdf

TA13. Forum on Standards of School Mathematics Curriculum in China Mainland

TA13 Description.pdf