Early Career Researcher Day (ECRD)

 Program Chair: Prof. Dr. Lianghuo Fan

 (updated: November 16, 2020)


Early Career Researcher Day (ECRD), first created in ICME-13, is also organized by LOC of ICME-14. The event will be held on the day of, but before, the opening ceremony, and is attached to ICME-14, though it is not an integral part of ICME-14 itself.

General Aims

1. To provide the participants (early career researchers) with opportunities to develop their research competencies in related fields.

2. To provide the participants with opportunities to establish new contacts and build new networks.

3. To provide the participants with opportunities to work with and learn from internationally renowned scholars and experts in related fields.


1. Research conceptualization and methods.

2. Writing research proposals and implementing research projects.

3. Research publications.

Program and schedule

The program will consist of 9 parallel workshops in the morning and a plenary session, 8—10 parallel interactive discussions and a panel discussion in the afternoon. All times listed in the schedule are based on UTC-8, i.e. the Beijing Time.

l  Parallel Workshops

Time: 8:30—12:00, with Coffee & Tea Break at 10:15—10:30

Theme: Research conceptualization and methodology 

Workshop 1: Qualitative research and ethnographic studies

Presenter: Marcelo Borba (São Paulo State University, Brazil)

Workshop 2: Design-based research (Design experiments in mathematics education research)

Presenter: Andreas Stylianides (University of Cambridge, UK)

Co-presenter: Gabriel Stylianides (University of Oxford, UK)

Workshop 3: Mixed methods

Presenter: Susan Prediger (TU Dortmund University, Germany)

Co-presenter: Kirstin Erath (TU Dortmund University, Germany)

Workshop 4: Video-based research

Presenter: Ida Mok (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China)

Co-presenter: Wenjun Zhao (Beijing Normal University, China)

Workshop 5: Largescale assessments (Analyzing mathematics education with large-scale assessment data)

Presenter: Christian Bokhove (University of Southampton, UK)

Workshop 6: Social culture studies

Presenter: Judit Moschkovich (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

Workshop 7: Argumentation analyses

Presenter: Christine Knipping (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

Co-presenter: Fiene Bredow (University of Bremen, Germany)

Workshop 8: Participatory action research

Presenter: Julie Amador (University of Idaho, USA)

Workshop 9: Methods of textbook research

Presenter: Sebastian Rezat (University of Paderborn, Germany)

l  Lunch & Break: 12:00—14:00

l  Plenary Session

Time: 14:00—16:00

Theme: academic writing and academic publishing (Presentation of 8 major journals in mathematics education and education by their editors-in-Chief, editors or associate editors.) 

Moderator: Professor Jinfa Cai.





Educational Studies in Mathematics

Arthur Bakker


Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Patricio Herbst

Jinfa Cai


Journal of Mathematical Behavior

To be confirmed


Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

Despina Potari


Mathematical Thinking and Learning

Lyn English

Heather Johnson


Mathematics Education Research Journal

Peter Grootenboer


Research in Mathematics Education

Jenni Ingram


ZDM Mathematics Education

Gabriele Kaiser

l  Coffee & Tea Break: 16:00—16:15

l  Parallel Interactive Discussions

Time: 16:15—17:00

The participants will meet 8-9 major journal editors (in separate rooms) and have interactive discussions with them. The information about participating editors is shown in the above table.

l  Panel Discussion

Time: 17:00—18:30

Moderator: Professor Lianghuo Fan.

This plenary session is planned for 2-3 recipients of the Hans Freudenthal and/or Felix Klein Awards to share their research and publication work (results, methods, experiences, etc.) with early career researchers. (More details expected to be announced in December 2020)

Note: The programme may be subject to change due to unforeseen reasons.

Registration for Early Career Researcher Day

Registration for the Early Career Researcher Day is independent of but attached to the ICME-14 registration, and it charges extra 

       RMB 350 for the registration for participation in face-to-face form, which also covers the lunch and coffee/tea breaks on this day, or 

       RMB 200 for the registration for participation in online form

If you are interested to participate in the Early Career Researcher Day, please follow the following steps to register.

       After your ICME-14 registration, please go to the “MY ICME-14” domain and click the option “Early Career Researcher Day” to register for the Early Career Researcher Day. (If you have not registered for ICME-14 yet, please complete your ICME-14 registration first. The ICME-14 registration website is https://reg.icme14.org/. ) 

       Make sure that an extra charge of RMB 350 (for face-to-face participation) or MRB 200 (for online participation) is added to your ICME-14 registration bill, which means your Early Career Researcher Day registration is successful.