New hotel information has been updated. You can click the image on the bottom to choose and book.

    All logistic costs, including but not limited to travel, accommodation, food, and beverage are to be covered by participants.

    The venue is surrounded by a number of hotels, from economical to five-star-rated, and even more hotels are within easy access through metro or bus lines. All participants can make reservation by themselves or through the service agency. A list of recommended hotels will be linked to the registration system, and the list will be updated regularly.

    However, please note that,

---if your accommodation will be (partially) covered by a grant from the Solidarity Fund, the organizer (instead of yourself) will make the reservation for your accommodation.

---the reservations and payments of hotels should be completed by participants. The organizing committee may not help you in this regard.The following booking information is for reference only. For specific prices and booking instructions of hotels during the conference (especially about cancellations), please refer to the continuous update information of the following website.

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Please pay special attention to hotel address and public transportation when booking.