Other Scientific Activities(updated on May 13, 2021)

ICMI Affiliate Organizations

The following organizations are officially affiliated to ICMI. In the afternoon of July 14th one 120 minutes’ timeslot is reserved for the meetings of these organizations during ICME-14.

CIAEM: Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education

CIEAEM: International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Teaching

ERME: European Society for Research in Mathematics Education

HPM: The International Study Group on the Relations between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics

ICTMA: The International Study Group for Mathematical Modelling and Applications

IOWME: The International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education

ISDDE: International Society for Design and Development in Education

MCG: The International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness

MERGA: Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia

PME: The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

WFNMC: The World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC will hold a mini-conference on 11 July, immediately before ICME-14. Please visit http://www.wfnmc.org/conferences.html for more information.)

ICMI Studies

A major ICMI programme is the series of ICMI Studies. This set of activities was launched in the mid-1980s and has acquired a growing importance and influence on the field. It contributes to a better understanding and resolution of the challenges that face multidisciplinary and culturally diverse research and development in mathematics education. Each Study focuses on a topic or issue of prominent current interest in mathematics education. Built around an international conference, it is directed towards the preparation of a published volume intended to promote and assist discussion and action at the international, regional or institutional level. Several ICMI studies, which have already held their study conference, will present their results at ICME-14.

ICMI Awards

The Executive Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) has created three awards in mathematics education research:

   The Felix Klein Award, for a lifelong achievement in mathematics education research

    2017 Felix Klein Award: Prof. Deborah Loewenberg Ball (Female)

    The William H. Payne Collegiate Professor in Education and an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US.  

    2019 Felix Klein Award: Prof. Tommy Dreyfus (Male)

    Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

   The Hans Freudenthal Award, for a major programme of research on mathematics education during the past 10 years

    2017 Hans Freudenthal Award: Prof. Terezinha Nunes (Female)

    Professor Terezinha Nunes, University of Oxford, UK.

    2019 Hans Freudenthal Award: Prof. Gert Schubring (Male)

    Institut für Didaktik der Mathematik at Bielefeld University, Germany, and an extended visiting professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

   The Emma Castelnuovo Award for Excellence in the Practice of Mathematics Education

    2020 Emma Castelnuovo Award:  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) United States of America

    Dr. Trena L. Wilkerson (Female)

    Professor, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, President, 2020-2022

At the opening ceremony of ICME-14, the medals and certificates of these ICMI awards given during 2016-2020 will be presented. In addition, the awardees are invited to present special lectures at the Congress.

National Presentations

A National Presentation is an activity during which representatives of a given country will make a presentation on the state and trends in mathematics education in that country. ICME-14 will give several countries the opportunity to present themselves.