Survey Teams (ST)

Continuing with practice of previous ICMEs, four Survey Teams (ST) have been set up. The organization of these teams is intended to strengthen the emphasis on new developments and progress in the area of each theme or issue since the last three or four ICMEs. Each Survey Team will work all the way till the opening of ICME-14 to survey the state-of-the-art with respect to a certain theme or issue, with particular concern in identifying and characterizing important new knowledge, recent developments, new perspectives, and emergent issues.

The survey teams will have 90 minutes to present their work at ICME-14 in a kind of sub-plenary format and will present their work in parallel.

ST 1. Research on university mathematics education

Chair: Chris RASMUSSEN (USA)

Team members: Marianna BOSCH (Spain), Reinhard HOCHMUTH (Germany),

                                Oh Nam KWON (Korea), Birgit LOCH (Australia),

                                Mike THOMAS (New Zealand), María TRIGUEROS (Mexico)

IPC Liaison: Frode Rønning(Norway)

ST 2. Eearly childhood mathematics education (up to age 7)

Chair: Elia ILIADA (Cyprus)

Team members: Ann ANDERSON (Canada), Anna BACCAGLINI-FRANK (Italy),

                                Nosisi FEZA (South Africa), Esther LEVENSON (Israel),

                                Nanae MATSUO (Japan)

IPC Liaison: Anjum HALAI (Pakistan)

ST 3. Teachers’ collective work as a regular school practice for teacher development

Chair: Birgit PEPIN (Netherlands)

Team members: Jehad ALSHWAIKH (Palestine), Bill ATWEH (Philippine/Australia),

                                 Hiroyuki NINOMIYA (Japan), Gérard SENSEVY (France),

                                 Yudong YANG (China)

IPC Liaison: Jill ADLER (South Africa)

ST 4. The teaching and learning of mathematical modelling and interdisciplinary mathematics educations

Chair: Gloria STILLMAN (Australia)

Team members: Jussara de Loiola ARAÚJO (Brazil), Morten BLOMHØJ (Denmark),

                                Angeles DOMINGUEZ (Mexico),Toshikazu IKEDA (Japan),

                                Stanislaw SCHUKAJLOW (Germany)

IPC Liaison: Gabriele KAISER (Germany)