ICMI and ICME-14 are closely monitoring the development of events regarding the coronavirus pandemic in China, and we are holding many conversations regarding the most sensible ways to proceed, given the circumstances and the available information. For now, we decided to put a hold on paid registrations and to extend any relevant deadline (e.g. poster submissions). On March 15th, ICMI and ICME-14 will make a new announcement.


     ICMI and ICME-14

                                   February 20, 2020

A Message from the Congress Chair

−− I am confident that the ICME-14 will be held as scheduled


ICME-14 participants

Dear colleagues and friends,


You might have learned from various media that there has been an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection in China since January 2020. Some prospective participants sent emails to the Local Organizing Committee, asking about this situation and the possibility of holding the ICME-14 as scheduled in July. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your attention. In response to your concerns and questions, I wish to make the following public comments.


In spite of the outbreak in recent days and the situation of prevention and control, I am confident that ICME-14 will be held as scheduled in July this year. My confidence comes from:


1.      Chinese scientific researchers have laid a good scientific foundation for the prevention and control of the epidemic, they

  had identified and isolated the virus, decoded and published the virus’s genetic sequence at the early stage of the infection;

  provided hospitals with the effective diagnosis equipment and reagents soon after the outbreak, and recently more new products (including reagent test kits and sequencing system of the virus) come into being, which are expected to further speed up the diagnosis process;

  established epidemiological models to provide the basis for forecasting the trend;

  developing vaccines and more effective drugs.


2.      Medical forces throughout China have implemented general mobilization. In addition to doing a good job in local prevention, control and treatment, they have also provided assistance to Wuhan City, Hubei Province (at present, there are more than 6,000 experienced doctors and nurses from all over the country gather together in Wuhan City, the heart of this outbreak).


3.      All sectors of society have attached great importance and support to this situation, and the whole nation has been greatly united.


4.      Chinese governments at all levels bear the greatest responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic, including the national mobilization, information collection and release, the input of national treasury and local financial funds, the formulation and implementation of policies, the mobilization and allocation of medical forces, and the procurement and transportation of materials. In particular, the following measurements taken by the Chinese governments should be mentioned:

  Investing tens of billions of emergency funds;

  Organizing the production and procurement of drugs, reagents and equipment;

  Forming a national committee of experts to gather the wisdom of the medical community so as to release and improve the treatment guides for hospitals and public guides for people living in various environments;

  Besides the reorganization of existing hospitals to up-grade their capacity to accept infected patients, building two new infectious disease hospitals with more than two thousand beds in total within 10 days in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

  Properly controlling the flow of people and the gathering of people to prevent the spread of the virus.


Medical experts estimated that the outbreak will peak in the next week or 10 days; About two weeks after the peak, the outbreak will gradually abate. Therefore, it is estimated that China will return to normal after March 2020. By then China will be a safe country again and Shanghai will be a safe city again, and the 2019-nCoV will not create any obstacles to the ICME-14 in July 2020.


The above information is for colleagues to share. My colleagues at the LOC and I are working as usual on preparations to ensure a successful International Congress on Mathematical Education for the world in July 2020.


We will release further updates before the end of March 2020. If the unexpected situation would remain until that time, we will discuss with ICMI-EC to find an alternative arrangement and solutions to all possible questions.



With all the best,

Chair of ICME-14


Jianpan Wang

January 312020


    We are looking forward to your contributions. Thanks very much for your kind attention and support.

Address of Welcome1559204817833037905.png

As the Congress chair of ICME-14, I cordially invite you to participate in the Congress to be held in Shanghai from July 12th to 19th, 2020.


As an ancient country with a 5,000-year history of civilization, China boasts a brilliant tradition of mathematics and mathematics education. In recent 100 years, the introduction of western mathematics and mathematics education and their integration with traditional Chinese culture and education have fostered new achievements in mathematics education of modern China. Shanghai, a well-known metropolis in the Far East, is a powerful engine for the economic and social development of China and a window of China's opening-up policy. In addition, it is also the cradle of modern Chinese mathematics and mathematics education and the birthplace of the Chinese Mathematical Society. East China Normal University is one of the top universities in China and takes the lead in the development of teacher education in China. The mathematics education team of ECNU has a great influence both at home and abroad. Taking consideration of all these facts, I believe that the ICME-14 hosted in Shanghai will be a grand academic Congress and a great surprise for the colleagues around the world.


I am very much looking forward to seeing you at ICME-14 in Shanghai. I am sure your participation will contribute greatly to the success of the ICME-14.

Jianpan WANG


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