Plenary Activities, including Plenary Lectures (PL) and Plenary Panels (PP)

The plenary activities are those components of the scientific programme that address all Congress participants at the same time.

For ICME-14 there will be two types of plenary activities, including 4 plenary lectures and 2 plenary panel discussions. After the lectures, there will be an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss with the speakers.

The information of the speakers are as follows:

Plenary Lecture 1: Lingyuan GU (China)

Plenary Lecture 2: Robyn JORGENSEN (Australia)

Plenary Lecture 3: Mercy KAZIMA (Malawi)

Plenary Lecture 4: Cédric VILLANI (France)

Plenary Panel 1: Actors for mathematics teacher education: Joint actions versus conflicts

Chair: Angel RUIZ (Costa Rica)

Team members: Frédéric GOURDEAU (Canada), Despina POTARI (Greece), Chunxia QI (China), Mikhail SLUCH (Russia)

Plenary Panel 2: Mathematics in global education reform: Conversations that need to happen

Chair: Mellony GRAVEN (South Africa)

Team members: Marcelo BORBA (Brazil), Eva JABLONKA (Germany), Danny MARTIN (USA), Ravi SUBRAMANIAM (India)