Shanghai Mathematical Society

Established in 1950, the Shanghai Mathematical Society (SMS) is a local academic organization of mathematicians and mathematical educators in Shanghai. The Society provides a platform for academic exchanges for mathematicians and mathematical educators in Shanghai, allowing them to enhance the level of mathematical research and education in Shanghai, as well as to vitalize the economy of Shanghai and to promote the quality of Shanghai citizens.

SMS enjoys good reputation nationally and internationally. It makes great contributions in the fields of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, applications of mathematics, and mathematics education. Chaohao Gu, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science and a former president of SMS was awarded the State Supreme Science and Technology Award in 2009, and the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union named the Minor Planet 171448 after his name. The Society publishes research journals such as Chinese Annals of Mathematics.

Focusing on mathematical education is an important task of the SMS. For example, it deeply involves in the school mathematics curriculum reform. The society also holds a spare-time school of mathematics, and organizes mathematics competitions on mathematics for school students and for college students. The All these have made very positive influence on the society.

With regard to international academic exchanges, the society not only encourages its members to be more active in relevant activities, but also organizes important academic events. For example, in recent years, the “Chinese-French Symposium on Applied Mathematics”, the “International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations” and the “International Conference on Representation Theory” and the “Sino-US Symposium on Mathematics” have been held in Shanghai with the direct support of the Shanghai Mathematical Society. To organize ICME-14 together with East China Normal University is another important international academic event for it. The Society will make all efforts for it.