Chinese Mathematical Society

As a member of International Mathematical Union (IMU) and a member of International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), the Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) is the bidding and hosting body of ICME-14, 2020, in Shanghai.

Founded in 1935 in Shanghai, the Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS), a member of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, is a national academic association for Chinese mathematicians and mathematical educators. CMS aims to unite mathematicians and mathematical educators to promote the research and popularization of mathematics in China and enhance both the development of China’s science and technology and the modernization of the country.

The Chinese Mathematical Society has a long tradition of caring about and supporting the research and practice of mathematical education. As early as in 1980, Professor Lokeng Hwa, a world-famous Chinese mathematician and then president of the Chinese Mathematical Society, attended at invitation the 4th International Congress on Mathematical Education (Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.) and gave a plenary lecture. Nowadays affiliated to the Society, there are several committees related to mathematics education, such as the Committee of Popularization, the Committee of Mathematics Olympic Competitions, the Committee of Elementary Education, and the Committee of Higher Education. Besides the mathematics research journals such as Acta Mathematica Sinica, Acta Mathmaticae Applicatae Sinica, and Advances in Mathematics (China), the Society also publishes journals serving mathematics education such as Shuxue Tongbao (Mathematics Bulletin) and Zhongxuesheng Shuxue (Mathematics for Secondary School Students).